Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Self Assesment

I had a good experience with my blog. I learned things I didn't know I could do, like by copying and pasting things with the apple button. I learned how to link things and post photos. There were blogs I didn't like doing but then again, there were some that I enjoyed and have fun doing(the story about Amanda). To be honest I deserve at least an 70-75. I did all my blogs except one. Which was the ''Alternative Energies.'' If I pass, it would be one less credit I would have to worry about. So please Ted don't screw me on this one. If I pass, I would have to come back in September for a 1.6. That's not bad. Now if TED fails me, I would have to come back for a 2.6 and I don't want to do that. So I had a good summer in your class and I did what I had to do. Give me that grade I deserve. Thanks

Monday, August 11, 2008


There are websites that are on the internet where you can see videos and comments. Two of the websites that I know of are Myspace and Youtube. These websites give them a chance to make friends and communicate with one another. What some users have been doing recently, is they are doing illegal activities. Teenagers have been doing cruel and brutal things to other teenagers. They been doing this and placing it on Myspace and Youtube so that other people can look at it. By doing this, they think they are going to be famous, or some just do it to make others laugh. In an article that I read, Web Networking Photos Come Back To Bite Defendants, they are talking about two teens, a male and a female who were in a drunk driving crash that injured a women. The defendants denied the drinking, but when the prosecutor was searching for evidence, he found pictures of the guy on the internet drinking and joking about alcohol. These pictures led to his sentencing of two years in prison. In an another article, Teenagers Misbehaving For All Online To Watch, they are talking about teenagers beating up other teenagers and recording it so that others could watch. Last month, after viewing a video of the beating of a thirteen year old girl that was broadcast on web sites, including Myspace, the authorities arrested three freshman girls from nearby North Babylon High School. This is why I think that posting things like this is very bad. People who own a Myspace shouldn't be doing any of this. So therefor, be careful what you do, because it may come back and bite you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Satire is a literary tone used to ridicule or make fun of humans. Mark Twain wrote an article ''Advice to Youth'' in 1882. This article is very satirical because he gives bad advice to the youth. Instead of him giving the youth good axamples or advices on being a better person, he makes fun of us and is encouraging us negatively. In one of his advices, he tells us that we should ''always obey our parents, when they are present''. He is trying to tell us that when our parents aren't around, we shouldn't have to listen to them. What Mark Twain is being is very satirical. He has no control over the youth and his bad advices aren't helping. If the youth are raised up correctly. with good examples, then their parents wouldn't have a problem with them. The youth today don't like to be told what to do. It's part of human nature. A good example is if parents tell their young ones to do the wrong thing, then they end up doing the right thing. Twain gave us all these bad advices and examples, but in a very decent way that wasn't cruel. This article isn't good for the youth because they can use him as an excuse or take his advice, but it is a very good example of Satire.

In one of the articles from The Onion, there is an article named Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet. People are using Satire to make fun of Al Gore's speech. In this article, they are using Satire by comparing Al Gore to superman's father placing his baby on a rocket to save him from planet earth. In his speech, he said we were in danger if we didn't do anything about global warming. Satire is explaining this speech to us in a ridiculous way, which gives us another good example of Satire.       

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What makes a good liar

There are many people who can lie and many who can't. A good liar is always suppose to give eye contact and not fidget to much. A bad liar tends to look around the room and ignore eye contact. If I want to be a good liar, the number one thing I would need to have is good memory. A good liar should always have good memory. If the lair has the memory, then he won't be able to lie because he would remember what he lied about. If a liar doesn't have good memory, then he would for get what he lied about and wouldn't come out with a good lie. A good liar must remember his lie and never switch his story. If you for get your lie, then people will know you lied and never trust you again. According to Montaigne's Essay ''On Liars,'' you have to be careful on what you lie about. Lying can get you in serious trouble. It can start fights and may end up friendships if possible. Mark Twain is a writer who sees life in a different point of view. He agrees that lying is very bad. In the poem he wrote, he is explaining that when he lies, he tells the truth. If you lie and tell the truth, then you have good memory. Mark is explaining that lies are not needed, and he always prefers the truth.     

''If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.''  This quote by Mark Twain means you don't have to remember what lie you told because if you tell the truth, then you don't have to remember anything because your not lying.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why We Lie

There are many reasons why we lie. Some of us lie because of fear, sometimes its a habit to people, or just some lie to make other people feel good about something. There are four types of lies. There is the Fear we have that something might happen to us if we tell the truth. Then to people its a Habit because they lie so much that there already use to it. Then there's Modeling. When people lie and for example there kids see this, then they would start lying. The last kind of lie is Overprediction. This is when people lie because they overpredict a reaction or for example if a child says '' I know mom would say ''no'', so I lied. Each type of lie, I agree with it because it wouldn't be true if it wasn't. In my opinion, I think that when u lie, your only lying to yourself. I'm not going to lie, I do lie and when I do, I know inside I'm only making myself look bad or stupid. If you want something or try to get away from a problem, You can lie, but you have to know when to lie. If you could lie in the right moments, you can get away with what your trying to do, for example, there is a girl in my school named Amanda Rodriguez. We both had the same class one day and she wanted to borrow one of my scrunchies for her hair. I lend it to her knowing I wanted it back later. I knew she wasn't going to give it to me, so I went to her gym class and made a big scene. I made Kyle and the security come and escort her out her class because I was saying that I had to leave, when I really didn't. I didn't have to go home or nothing, deep down I just wanted her to get in trouble and have a good laugh and something for her to remember. She thought she was going to get me in trouble, but she doesn't know how to lie. What she didn't know was, I could lie. So when you lie, make sure you know when to, because there are people who think they could lie better than you.

This picture is an example of me and Amanda arguing in Kyle's room about who was lying that day and who wasn't. In between us, there is the truth, because we both know the truth. We just don't want to admit it so instead we are just calling each other a liar, when we know who the liar was. .This picture is an example of me buying a couple packs of lies because I'm just so good with them I could use them when ever I want. Like I said, you know how to lie, then you in good shape. You don't, then your just being a fool. So don't go on ahead and get some lies if you dont know how to use them because your just throwing your money away.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Al Gore's Challenge

Al Gore was born March 31, 1948. He served as the forty-fifth Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton. Gore was involved in American politics for over three decades. He first served in the U.S. House of Representatives, and later in the U.S. Senate before becoming vice president. In 2000, Gore was the Democratic nominee for president in the presidential election, but lost to Republican candidate George W. Bush.

On July 17, 2008 Al Gore gave a speech talking about how our nation is going through a big crisis. In the speech, Gore is providing us with facts about our environmental crisis by us receiving strange weather. Three major challenges of crisis in America are security, environmental, and economical. Gore also tells us that the core of our crisis is we borrow money from China to buy oil, then later burn it. The answer according to Gore, is to end our reliance to carbon based fuel. His challenge is to commit to produce 100 percent of our energy without carbon base products in 10 years.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

''Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see''

This quote by Benjamin Franklin means believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see. Like when people say I have to see it to believe it. This is what this quote means. This quote is saying that you shouldn't believe what people say just because they say it, and half of what you see because what you see is not always the truth. An example of my life that goes with this quote is when I misunderstood somebody for what they said thinking it was about me, but at the end it was all a misunderstanding. 

      ''It's not bragging if you back it up'' is a quote I use to remind people that there isn't anything wrong with being conceited and cocky. As long as you back it up and you can, there isn't anything anybody could tell you. I could say that there ain't nobody who could beat me in basketball, but if I lose then I shouldn't have said anything  or I look like the dumb one. I could anything I want, and I could say anything I want. If I could back up everything I say, I don't want not one person telling me something, because there isn't anything wrong with being who you are.